Black Sunday - Monograph Announcement/Information

Mario Bava was a true cinematic genius even if his output ranged from inspired to ropey. His properly accredited debut, La maschera del demonio, aka Black Sunday, was released in 1960 and during a major year for horror movies (Psycho, Peeping Tom, etc.). In my forthcoming monograph on the film, I take a look at how La maschera del demonio presented the genre with a new dreamlike style; how Barbara Steele's depiction of Asa/Katia charged horror cinema with a new found eroticism, and how influential the movie would become to 1960s horror flickers and beyond.

I've written the Black Sunday monograph for the Devil's Advocates series published by Auteur Publishing. It will be published on 30th October and available via stores and online. In the USA, it will be distributed by Columbia University Press.

Having written the Black Sunday monograph for the series, I join the likes of Anne Billson and Neil Mitchell, so I'm in rather awesome company. The book is released 30th October. If you're a fan of Bava or Black Sunday and wish to explore the movie in-depth, then, of course I recommend it!

Pre-order link: amazon/blacksunday