Top Five John Carpenter Films and What They Taught Me About Life

I published a listicle on my Letterboxd account tonight, having been inspired by a first time viewing of John Carpenter's 1987 production, Prince of Darkness. It's a cracking sci-fi horror, with a rich concept/mythology, boasts terrifying moments and dazzling shots and sequences. (I also laughed at JC's screenwriter pseudonym: Martin Quatermass.)

Anyway, in the aftermath of post-viewing enthusiasm for JC's filmography, I thought I'd declare to the Internet my top five JC pictures and add a few comments on what they taught me about life, the art of cinema, what to do in fantastical scenarios and even being a better man. Do click on the Letterboxd link at the top or bottom of the article, to see my comments and selections. 

Carpenter is a director whose work I have pretty much adored since my early teens. One definite thing I have learned (I'm being serious, now), is that from the rare(ish) opportunities I've had of seeing several titles on the big screen, is how different they play than on VHS or television. The guy is a master craftsman and his work deserves to be seen in the correct format. Halloween, for example, was a pure revelation, when I saw it a few years ago. It honestly felt like I was seeing it for the very first time. I'll go so far as to call it a 'perfect film'. Less perfect in form, but a helluva lot of fun, was They Live and Big Trouble in Little China, which I saw on a double bill at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square.

Also horror fans: The BFI Southbank is screening In the Mouth of Madness, later in the month. You'd be chumps to miss it, London or home counties based folk! 

Anyway, if you're so inclined, do check out my Letterboxd post that features my five favourite John Carpenter movies and what they taught me about this crazy world of ours. And remember what ol' Jack Burton always says: 'What the hell...'