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3 Pillow Orthopnea #1 4 Methods ...

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3 Pillow Orthopnea #1 4 Methods ...

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3 Pillow Orthopnea  #1 4 Methods . 3 Pillow Orthopnea #2 F--f.info3 Pillow Orthopnea  #3 2 R.W. .Orthopnea Is Discomfort In Breathing Except In An Upright Position. ( 3 Pillow Orthopnea  #4)3 Pillow Orthopnea  #5 Patent Drawing12 Review Of Systems Paroxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnea Four Pillow Orthopnea . (beautiful 3 Pillow Orthopnea #6)


pil•low (pilō),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a bag or case made of cloth that is filled with feathers, down, or other soft material, and is used to cushion the head during sleep or rest.
  2. anything used to cushion the head;
    headrest: a pillow of moss.
  3. Also called  lace pillow. a hard cushion or pad that supports the pattern and threads in the making of bobbin lace.
  4. a supporting piece or part, as the block on which the inner end of a bowsprit rests.

  1. to rest on or as on a pillow.
  2. to support with pillows.
  3. to serve as a pillow for: She pillowed the child with her body.

  1. to rest as on a pillow.
pillow•less, adj. 
pillow•like′, adj. 


or•thop•ne•a (ôr thopnē ə, ôr′thop nēə, -thəp-),USA pronunciation n. [Path.]
  1. difficult or painful breathing except in an erect sitting or standing position.
Also,  or•thopnoe•a.  or′thop•neic, or′thop•noeic, adj. 

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